Warm Greetings from the FTRA to all the Respected & Hardworking Teachers, Educators and the general knowledge providers of Fiji. The Fiji Teachers Registration Authority (FTRA) commends and appreciates the hard work of the Teachers during the academic year 2023.

The Fiji Teachers Registration Authority (FTRA) is informing the teachers at large that FTRA office will be open for business on Saturday 9th December 2023 from 8.00am to 4.30pm.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FTRA, Mrs. Sangeeta Singh said, “Normally throughout the year we just operate from Monday to Friday, however, it’s a norm for us to open the HQ Office on one Saturday in December just when school closes to allow teachers to renew their Teacher Registration before they proceed with their school holidays.

Singh is urging teachers to take advantage of this extended services to avoid being disturbed in holidays. She said, in previous years we have noted that teachers who fail to renew their Teacher Registrations in advance tend to forget when they get into the holiday mood.

This year about 10,000 teachers have their Teacher Registrations expiring on 31st December 2023, so the Authority is hopeful that the opening of its HQ Office in Suva on 09th December 2023 from 8.00am to 4.30pm will provide teachers an opportune time to renew their Teacher Registrations.

She reminded teachers that advance renewal will avoid chances of forgetting to renew Registrations prior to 31st December 2023 because if this happens, teachers will be required to submit late penalty of $30.00, new medical report and police clearance. The CEO said that the teachers should take advantage of the office being open for services on Saturday 09th December 2023.

“The Form 2 which is for renewal should be completed by the teachers and endorsed before they come for renewals. For teachers, Heads of Schools to do the endorsement while for the Heads of Schools, respective District and Divisional Education Officers can do the same,” said the FTRA CEO.

Once again, FTRA is thanking all those teachers whose Teacher Registrations are expiring on 31st December, 2023 but they have already done their renewals.

Sangeeta Singh (Mrs)

Chief Executive Officer

(On behalf of the Board)

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