Registration Process

Types of Registration


Limited Authority to Teach (LAT)


Any applicant that does not have a recognised teacher training qualification but their services are needed in schools for either teaching or assisting in teaching roles, can apply to register for the LAT Registration. These registrations are not granted without justification from the school heads or employing authorities.


FTRA reserves the right and judgement to award a registration in this category. LAT registration is given for a fixed period of two years. Successful applicants are issued with a letter from FTRA that contains a FTRA registration ID number and a "T" registration number.


Applicants in LAT category are not issued with FTRA ID cards.


Provisional Registration


Any new applicant who has attained teacher training from a recognised and accredited Teacher Training Programme can apply to register for a Provisional Registration.


Provisional Registration is given for one year; a letter is issued by FTRA that contains FTRA Registration ID Number and a "T" Registration Number. 


Applicants in the Provisional category are not issued with FTRA ID cards.


Full Registration


Applicants holding Provisional Registrations are required to complete one year of teaching before being eligible to apply for a Full Registration. 


Favourable report from the Head of School will be critical in determining if full registration will be awarded to the applicant. 


Full registration is only given for as three year period. 


Each teacher on Full Registration is entitled for the FTRA ID card, which is either collected from the FTRA Office or posted to the respective school immediately after registration is granted via registered mail.


Individual Volunteer Registration


Individual Volunteers and Attachees are registered under this category of registration. The Volunteers and Attachees however need to show their long term usefulness in schools. 


Those who wish to be in MEHA schools need to seek approval from the PS MEHA through their Volunteer Policy before registration can be granted. Similarly, Volunteers and Attachees who intend to go in private schools need support letters from the head of the institution.


This registration is given for a maximum of one year and may be renewed upon a formal request.


Successful applicants are given approval letters. However, these letters do not contain FTRA Registration ID Numbers or "T" Registration Numbers.


Applicants in this category are not issued with FTRA ID cards.


Individual Speaker Registration


This registration is only meant for special guests that will not be in a school for more than half a day. It is a one-off approval for one event only that the District or Divisional Education officers are authorised to issue for use within their District or Division.


After an approval is given, a copy needs to be sent to FTRA for record keeping by the District or Divisional officers.


Institutional Registrations


Institutional Registration allows multiple people to register under one registration with a one-off fee, irrespective of the number of people getting registered; individual registration letters are not issued to applicants. One letter with the list of successful applicants will be issued only to the institution. This letter does not contain FTRA Registration ID and/or "T" Registration Number, and ID cards are not issued to those who are registered under this category.


This registration is granted for a specified period as stipulated in the approval letter.

Registration Fees

Registration Type New Registration Fee Amount Renewal Fee Amount Term
Provisional $40.00 $30.00 1 Year
Limited Authority To Teach (LAT) $25.00 $15.00 2 Years
Full Registration $90.00 3 Years
Full Registration (Retirees ONLY) $30.00 1 Year
Institutional Registration $260.00 $250.00 1 Year
Expatriate Teachers $110.00 $100.00 1 Year
Other Fee Type Fee Amount
Late Renewal Penalty $30.00
Replacement ID Card/Certificate $25.00
Letter of Professional Standing $25.00

How to Pay


FTRA fee can be made payable to cashiers located at the following locations:

All payments can be made in person at the FTRA office in Suva.

Payments can also be made at Education Offices at the following locations:

  • Lautoka
  • Ba
  • Rakiraki
  • Sigatoka
  • Savusavu
  • Labasa

Payments can also be made at the following 13 Government Schools:

  • Adi Cakobau School
  • Bucalevu Secondary School
  • Delainamasi Government School
  • Labasa College
  • Levuka Public Secondary School
  • Nasinu Secondary School
  • Natabua Primary School
  • Natabua High School
  • Queen Victoria School
  • Ratu Kadavulevu School
  • Sila Central High School
  • Suva Grammar Secondary School
  • Vunisea Secondary School